Socially Just Cards

Socially-conscious (& humorous!) greeting cards

Hand-printed (by a consenting adult!) in Austin, TX

Using 100% environmentally-friendly paper (& ink!)

100% of profits (you set the margins) go to a good cause

Socially Responsible Through-and-Through

laughing masks

Humor that Punches Up, Not Down

There's a fine but clear line between satire and being a jerk — these cards toe that line, always in the hope of landing clearly on the side of making fun of oppression, not the oppressed.

Printed on Recycled Paper

On 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Paper

That was created using 100% renewable, hydroelectric power. By a company that's been doing that for almost 100 years. Yep, that's real-life: meet French Paper.

Made with Biodegradable Ink

Printed using Organic & Biodegradable Ink

No PVC. No junk. Nothing but good-ol'-fashioned water and plant-based dye. It's the ink Thoreau would have made to write Walden if he wasn't so busy mooching off of Emerson.

Screenprinted in Austin, TX

Locally (& Weirdly) Handmade in Austin, TX

Working alongside a local, independent screenprinter, in the town where the cards were written and drawn. Even the stamp used to ink the logo on the cards was handmade. Too weird? Never.

The Gift Economy

Following the Tenets of the Gift Economy

As espoused in Charles Eisenstein's book, Sacred Economics, which describes an economic system — that is both feasible and foreseeable — that embodies social justice. Watch this short film for a glimpse.

Created by a Social Justice Advocate

I (Sam Killermann) wrote, doodled, inked, stamped, and [if you let me, will have] shipped every card just for you. You might know me by my gender book or TED talk, but here I'm simply the head elf.

The "Happy Holidays" Card

AKA "The War on The War on The War on Christmas Card"

Happy Holidays Card by Sam Killermann - Socially Just Cards
Happy Holidays Card

The Poem:

Time again

to wage war on Christmas,

to rob it of its Christliness!

Not by not-loving,

or by not-giving-more & not-living-with-less.

Not by not-trusting,

or by not-helping-the-poor & not-choosing-to-oppress.

NO! Not by any of that, I’m happy to say,

just by me saying this: Happy Holidays!

The 10-Pack $19.71+

Get the 10-Pack

What do you get? 10 handmade cards, 10 matching envelopes, shipped inside 1 environmentally-friendly box.

Do you have 10 friends? This is the perfect option for you. Look at you: giving your friends a piece of art.

Do you want 10 friends? This is the perfect option for you. Look at you: seducing people to be your friends with art.

The Single Card $2.62+

Get a Single Card

What do you get? 1 handmade card, 1 matching envelopes, mailed inside 1 slightly larger environmentally-friendly envelope.

If you'd like... I am happy to personalize and sign the card just for you. If you'd rather give it to someone else, I will not do that.

The Print-Your-Own $0+

Get a Printable .PDF

What do you get? A hi-res, printer-friendly .PDF of the card so you can print and fold your own.

A gentle encouragement: You may print or use this however you like, but I ask you do not print a bajillion cards, only because that kinda undermines the environmentally-friendly part of this whole endeavor.

Socially Just because equity and justice are everyone's responsibility.

Just Cards because cutesy jingles alone aren't going to save the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You said pay-what-you-want. What's with the set price?

Dang. You're gonna start with this? This is your first question? Not, "How do you make your doodles so cute?" This is a really tough question, because in a perfect world there wouldn't be a base price at all, and I'd just have faith that the gift economy would do it's thang. I wish that was this world, now. Alas: the price for each option is the base cost of the materials required to get the card to you, this ensures that no matter what the trolls and other sad folks of the Web devise, I can keep doing this.

And the "+" part of the price? What's that?

The "Plus Gift" is the part of the paying that is totally up to you, where I am trying to embrace the Gift Economy. You can enter whatever amount beyond the minimum you want when you check out. The minimum is the absolute bare cost of the materials, but it doesn't account what I've personally contributed: my gifts to you (in time, effort, doodles, words, code, spit, tears, okay maybe not tears, and etcetera).

I wanted to share this with you, so I did. This is my gift to you. If you feel compelled to give me a gift in return, that's up to you. No obligation whatsoever, and you can wait until after you get the cards and see how awesome they are before you decide. And 100% of profits will go to a good cause: directly to hues, a Global Justice Collective.

When will the cards arrive?

Before December 24th. I celebrate Christmas (they don't call me Samta* for nothin'), and am thinking of this as my Christmas gift to the world. I'm shipping everything on December 5th, which means your card(s) should get to you on the 7th or 8th, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent that. I'm doing my best to prevent those from getting in the way, but the annoying thing about unforeseen circumstances is how damn hard they are to foresee.

*They also don't call me "Samta." Yet. But I'm hoping this changes that.

How are they being shipped?

As cheaply as possible: USPS media mail.

Will I get a tracking number?

You will not.

May I request a tracking number?

You may request one, yes.

Will you give me a tracking number if I request one?

I will not. Sorry. I'm trying to keep operating costs as low (and the process as smooth) as possible. This is part of that.

What's the deal with this whole "Gift Economy" thing?

I genuinely believe it's possible for us to create a society that is socially just, and I am actively working toward that goal. In the past year, I've spent a lot of time reading economics textbooks (I know what you're thinking, and the answer is yes, I have been a blast at parties), because it occurred to me that achieving social justice would be impossible without an equitable, socially-just economic system.

The system Eisenstein describes in his book Sacred Economics was the first glimpse I saw of an economy through which we could achieve social justice. The book is brilliant, thorough, and gave me hope. Since reading it, I’ve been looking for as many opportunities to experiment in his “sacred economy” as possible. This is one such experiment.

So this is just a big experiment?

In part, yes. It's my contribution toward "the more beautiful world my heart knows is possible," to use Eisenstein's words. I've been experimenting a lot in this direction.

But it's also been a dream of mine for quite some time now to create a socially-just line of greeting cards. This is that.

What're the plans for the future? Will there be more cards?

That's the plan. I'd love to build up to eventually one card a month, or so, but I launched this with just one card first to make sure it's something you want as well. It's really up to whether or not y'all want this as much as I do. I would love to keep writing and doodling and printing cards, but not if this isn't something The Internet desires. Once we sell out of this first card, I'll make decisions for the next ones.

I've already written literally hundreds. And doodling is pretty much my favorite thing ever. In other words: this. is. my. jam.

I'm outside of the US. Why can't I buy a physical card?

This one will be fixed in the future, but for now, with this first card, I'm trying to keep it simple. Sorry to all my Canadians, Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, and other folks who read my site — I love you dearly and have not forgotten you.

Hey, so how DO you make your doodles so cute?

Nope. Too late. That ship has sailed. We're done here.

Have an unanswered question?

Ask it on Twitter. I'll get back to you within the hour or as soon as I get back to you (whichever is quicker).

Don't have Twitter?

You're killin' me, Smalls. Shoot an email to yo (at) sociallyjustcards (dot) com. The reply won't be as quick as it would have been on Twitter, but I realize now I didn't really make that promise very appealing to begin with. Welp. Can't go back now.